National Construction Institute is a non-profit association of construction, business and education professionals committed to transforming the lives and futures of our students and their communities.  We offer a wide range of construction education and business mentoring programs dedicated to the best practices in the industry.  These programs are designed to prepare America's youth for the real life challenges of an industry and a world in a state of transition.  Our objective as a secondary education option is to develop the full potential of every student according to their individual abilities, interests and ambitions.  There are no limits on applicants or the heights of their achievements.

We begin by addressing the core issues of the power of personal responsibility, the honor in work ethic, the pride of excellence and the value in being an asset to your community.  Teaching and demonstrating these principals will address some of the common obstacles to personal success and create a solid foundation for all other knowledge to be built upon.  A high proficiency in mathematics, literacy and communication skills will be taught in context with multiple trade skills and professional business practices.  Advanced levels will include construction management, architectural design, green building practices, alternative energy systems, real estate development and business management.  The programs will be diverse and adaptable to individual students goals and a rapidly changing profession.

NCI will integrate closely with professional construction and development companies which will provide the "on site" training and experience vital to establishing genuine trade skills.  Extended partnerships with multiple sub contractors, materials suppliers, real estate investors, municipal government offices, social service agencies and other business and community leaders will create unlimited resources of support and success for our students.  Trades program graduates will be encouraged to continue their professional training by participating in the business mentoring and leadership programs also offered through NCI.  Our intention is not merely to produce a well trained and experienced work force but also a new generation of business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders.
                                      " Rebuilding Our American Community"

 2011 promises to be a great year for NCI.  Along with all of our ongoing community outreach and collaboration projects a new opportunity has presented itself.  We are working with our affiliate partners Colorado Youth At Risk (CYAR) and Mountain States Development Inc. to implement the BUILDING FUTURES program.    

BUILDING FUTURES is an industry sponsored youth mentoring and construction career development program .  Presenting an overview of the various career options and viable employment opportunties in the construction industry is only one aspect of the program.  There is also an intention to involve the youth in numerous community service and outreach projects.  The primary goal is to establish strong mentoring and pier relationships that promote community attachment and encourage constructive behaviors and attitudes for individual success.  The development of useful life skills and a positive sense of the future will result in more employment opportunities and increased job retention for the youth in this program. 

NCI is currently recruiting mentor coaches for BUILDING FUTURES and our other education programs.  If you have any background in the construction and development industry and would like to participate in our mission to "Rebuild our American Community" please contact  David Hicks directly at 303-678-2989.






















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